I am Maki Kannis 
from Kefalonia Griechenland



The ability to reflect flexible scenarios on the stage of life as well as in everyday life is my great passion. It has become the main part of my life to reinvent myself again and again, to get out of the routine, to face new challenges. Letting go of the old, closing doors and embarking on new paths, creates inner peace, joy and enthusiasm. Above all it's a lot of fun.

At the moment I am supporting people to internalize improvisation, to strengthen their insight, to flexibly detach from conceptual thinking and above all to meet people in the process of self-discovery with passion.

Awakening a child's enthusiasm is simply phenomenal. Accepting this gift was not easy.

My perception at that time was a wonderful starting point  for an encounter of the third kind, where an intuitive gift lay dormant, which could also be compared to a journey through the moment.

Take A Jam - Kirchmattweg 1 - 6315 Oberägeri - 0041 (78) 694 41 99
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