Each workshop module is self-contained.

Module 1 Introduction and songwriting basics

Module 2 Arrangement and working techniques 

Module 3 Production and fine-tuning

The songwriting workshop will be followed by a holiday workshop at a renowned recording studio.

(Location to be announced) 

Dates: To be announced

​Module 1 Songwriting

Songwriting Basics, Historical Aspects Theory and Discussions

What do John Lennon, Mani Matter and Bob Dylan have in common?

Original Composition vs. Commissioned Composition

Styles, rhetoric and writing techniques

Basic instruments. Guitar vs. Piano

Song structure

Using the proven 4 chord principle of logical rules as a tool.

Module 2 Arrangement and working technique

How to define an appropriate melody  for a lyric and how to use the magic of  wordplay to not limit yourself and your creativity.

The power of vowels to learn to understand.

To internalize the main message of a song and to support with an appropriate arrangement.

How to approach instrumentation.

Writing 5 songs a day.

Practical group exercises

​Module 3 Fine-tuning 

Song arranging techniques, timbre, and bassing.

Production techniques: Clearly defining band arrangement.

Various improvisation techniques that can be easily redefined with stuck song structures.

Mainstream songs, nothing easier than that. What is an evergreen?

Language definition English vs. German.

Practical group exercises

The desire of every songwriter is to reflect their own personality and character in their songs. To develop a unique songwriting style. The art of being inspired by other artists without  becoming a copy of them.

We go through the historical aspects with practical examples. We analyze international songs by other songwriters and learn to understand why a song is successful.

We learn how creative processes develop and how to control them. It is important to work with the right tools. Different techniques will be explored. How to consciously create chance. How to use emotionality in the right place without compromising objectivity. Being creative on demand are some roads that lead to Rome, we know the shortcuts to get closer to this goal clearly defined.

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