Free improvisation is a wonderful training for flexibility and the ability to find one's way in unknown jam sessions, to make free decisions and to deal with the consequences of creativity.  Improvisation is an exemplary form of musical communication.

The more complex and difficult a musical dialogue becomes, the more important it is to prepare the listener for what is essential and to keep his attention in the improvisation. The inner mood resonates when we intuitively create something new musically in the "here and now" with our fellow musicians.

Each person perceives the world and his or her counterpart in his or her own way - consciously and unconsciously. The unconscious part is greater.  Self-awareness is related to the ability to perceive oneself. Therefore, if this is applied correctly, there are no wrong notes.

We radiate what we feel, whether we want to or not. This awareness happens on three levels: language, voice and body. Building on this knowledge, the interplay and resonance phenomena of communication are observed and unconscious reaction patterns and feelings are playfully explored.

Nuances have an impact on how and what is heard and perceived.

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